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How business can stay ahead of the curve in the age of data: Report from TED@BCG

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is deadly.”

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Karin-Nilsdotter-at-TED@BCG Karin Nilsdotter posits an intriguing idea at TED@BCG: “I believe the space is the next business frontier.” Photo: Wolfram Scheible/TED

Tuesday morning in the former East Berlin, the midcentury Kosmos cinema hummed with new ideas on business, technology and self, at an event called TED@BCG. The event was produced by TED Institute, a project that embeds within organizations and companies to help employees develop their ideas. Several hundred BCG’ers and guests filled the main hall for a day of surprising talks hosted by Bruno Giussani. It was, Giussani said, “the first business conference where no one used the word ‘pivot.'”

The talks, in chronological order:

BCG head Rich Lesser started the event by talking about the change he’s seen just this year in businesses’ attitude toward new technology. “Technology used to be something that happened ‘over there,'” he said, in labs, outside the world of companies. “But the conversation…

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Well, my first post!

It has been four years since I registered for WordPress.

Different people posted various kinds of blog. I did not quite explore this world a lot yet, but during the last year, when I was learning representation theory and compressed sensing, I found many useful blogs (maybe they should be called mini textbooks or mini papers) on this website. And the very first blog I followed should be that from Terence Tao. It is really nice that people could share whatever they want here, which others may find to be encouraging or useful.

At the end of my second 12 years, I guess it is time for me to record some of my thoughts. The main reason is to keep the memories, but hopefully some blogs I post will be useful for others.

Well, 1,2,3, go!

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